Predict App Churn And Increase Retention With Cohort Analysis

Identify common patterns among churned users to drive stickiness. Gradually get better at keeping users coming back for more.

Measure And Drive User Retention

Find out how many users you obtain in a particular month keep coming back month after month and how many back off after a certain period. Find out the common characteristic of the churned out users to engage them better and in a timely fashion. Use these insights to offer relevant user experiences and improve retention.


Get A Better Sense Of Your Acquisition

Get a high-level view of your user acquisition and keep track of how many of them use your app most frequently. Analyse month-on-month acquisition and retention statistics to assess the long term relationship with your cohorts and understand customer LTV for specific cohorts.

Compare cohorts for better targeting

Compare user groups to know your most engaged and dormant users. Categorize them based on characteristics such as sign-up date, age, gender, type of device, last login location, engagement time, and customer LTV. Use these insights to customize user journeys for increased engagement and boost LTV.


Optimize the Onboarding Experience

WebBasta’s cohort analysis helps you identify how long it takes before different user cohorts back-off. With user retention cohorts, you can improve onboarding experience of users to ensure that they reach the core value of your app as quickly as possible.

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