Track live stats for your app, website & campaigns

Understand how your campaigns are driving conversions, revenues and user engagement on your app and website in real-time.

Spend Less Time Switching Tools, Get More Work Done

Navigating a typical martech stack for campaign management is hard enough. Changing between tools for measuring the outcome can make it much worse. WebBasta not only brings marketing automation and engagement analytics together, but it also gives you insights details into acquisition sources such as Google and Facebook. You can now compare your acquisition channels and understand their impact on your engagement levels from one dashboard, without struggling with multiple spreadsheets and analytics tools.


Get Additional Session-Based Insights

Even with all the data on where your users are coming from, it’s important to understand what next to be done. WebBasta provides you clarity throughout the conversion process with session analysis. You can match engagement levels across channels based on session lengths, and use it to perfect-tune to your campaign messaging. You can also get entire understanding of the sessions with insights around total session count, sessions per user, bounce rate, avg session duration, inactivity, and conversion by source.


Optimize Your Spend, Maximize Conversion and Retention

The potential to compare traffic sources based on conversion rates – as well as complete session details and bounce rates – gives you a great sense of the ROI. Equip with this in-depth data, you can focus your marketing spend on the sources where your ideal customers come from. Moreover, you can optimize each campaign message based on the source to maximize CTR, conversion and retention.

Understand When & Why They Uninstall

With Flows, you can visualize how users navigate through your app and where they encounter friction. For instance, being a marketer, you want to understand where the users navigate after clicking on a push notification. Flows allows you to find the best paths within or across user segments to conversion, and improve paths that lead to harvest.


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