Follow Your Visitor’s sequence With Heatmaps

WEBBASTA heatmaps identifies how visitors browse your website, what grabs their attention, and which elements divert them.

Visualize click and scroll behaviors

Heatmaps offer visual representations of how visitors get linked with your website. From clicking elements to selecting an option from a modal box to browsing page content, a heatmap is a true representation of all visitor actions.


Dynamic Heatmaps

WEBBASTA heatmaps record visitor visual data on the live state of your website. Hence, you can easily view behaviour like modal boxes, pages behind logins, and dynamic URLs. The navigation mode lets you browse different pages on your website while tracking the visitor data on each element of these pages.


Get real-time data when visitors are clicked the element. Use the click data to find out action key points on your pages. And remove elements that divert the user.



Find out till what point most visitors are scrolling, and if they are missing out on anything important towards the end of the page.


Click Area

Select multiple areas on your page and compare the number of clicks between them.

Element Lists

Get information on click data for all the elements on your page by element ID/name (including hidden elements) to understand how much attention they are getting from users.


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Select the pages or check specific sections of your website for which you want to see a particular behaviour. Create views of these pages and then save these views for future reference.

Visitor segments

Filter your heatmap report using complex and/or bracketing logic conditions or choose from WEBBASTA’s predefined segments.

Add observations

Had a unique insight based on visitor behaviour? Add an Observation and WEBBASTA will save your observation with the exact visual state of the heatmap where you noted the behaviour.

Always-on, real-time data

Be sure you never miss a single click. Your heatmaps regularly process loads of data at the back end to record and display behavioural data real-time.

Download and share

Download the exact state of a heatmap and share it with your colleagues to reveal more insights.

Cross-platform tracking

Choose the device of your preference . You can view heatmaps for visitors by using a desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Page scroll %

Visualize behaviour – Understand what users want, care about and do on your site by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour – which are the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire.

Easy Integration

Integrate with other applications such as dash-boards. Set up Admin dash-boards , look for least possible data for quick configuration.

Audience capacity

Our servers are capable for big websites which can serves a huge amount of audience. The analytics data is available anytime to you from the past days right from the start.

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