Uncover Friction Points In Your Forms With Form Analytics

Analyse your form reports to find out how visitors interact with forms,
What fields they fill in first, and what causes them to back-off.

Truly understand form behaviour

Form submits show overall data of how many people submitted the form. With WebBasta, you can also look at ground-level statistics to see beyond your average submission rate.

Total time

Average time taken by visitors to complete the form as well as the average time spent on a particular field.

Interaction time

It’s an average of actual time taken to filling out a form field. If visitors spend too much time on a particular field.


It’s calculated the percentage of visitors that refilled a particular field.


It does identify the number of visitor who submitted the form but left the field blank.


It shows the number of visitors who did not submit the form and the specific field where they abandoned the form.

Hesitation time

Idle average time spent on a form field. This includes time spent in thinking, confusion.

Visualize the form conversion funnel

WebBasta Form Analytics gives you an complete insight into how visitors advance through each stage of your form’s conversion funnel.


Form funnel report

View how many visitors landed on a form and interaction percentage with the form, and number of form submitted. The report also includes data on back-offs at each stage.

Date-range graphs

Date-range graphs help you differentiate your forms’ conversion data over time. You can also annotate these graphs to record changes made (such as started an Adwords campaign or optimized a form landing page) on specific dates.

WebBasta Form Analytics Has A Lot More

Auto-detect / Manual tracking

Enter the URL of your website, and WebBasta will automatically detect all your forms and start collecting data. You can also choose to select certain forms and manually add them to your wishlist.


WebBasta forms record data in real-time so that you don’t miss any submit or back-offs.

Add observations

See a lot of people interacting with the form but not submitting? Add your Observation right there, and WebBasta saves a snapshot of your form report along with it.

Share reports

Share your form reports with colleagues to brainstorm and discover insights.

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