A Robust Segmentation Engine with In-depth Analytics Capabilities

Create micro-segments based on real-time data about your users, using combination of profile information and behavioural attributes

Segment Almost To A User-Level

The depth of Segmentation in WebBasta allows you to group users at unmatched levels of granularity. It enables messaging that is related to their specific attributes such as age, gender, demographics, location, brand affinity, and more. The ability to define gradation segments based on these attributes and user behaviour across touch-points lets you create highly contextual campaigns for maximum engagement.


Integrate Offline Customer Data

If your business has offline presence or a storefront, your users still expect you to know when they can shop for. WebBasta lets you integrate offline-online data to achieve a integrated view of your users. Import offline customer cart to continue engaging them based on their preferences, buying patterns, and behaviour. Communicating timely relevant to the users’ context will lead to higher conversion rates, and thereby, revenue.


Working with live segments

When users enter and exit a segment in real-time based on segment criteria so that each segment accurately reflects the on-ground situation at any point in time.


Psychographic Segmentation – Find What Your Users Love

Every single users is unique. Know what each user is most interested which helps you to stay relevant. WebBasta’s Psychographic Segmentation is an industry-first feature that re-invents to segment your users. You can use any old behavioural targeting to group users based on what they do and need. But how about grouping them by their common interests, habits, lifestyle, or personality traits? That’s when psychographic segmentation comes in. Optimize campaigns to reach users in the right context at the right time with a message they really care about.

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