Lead to long-term relationships by engaging people across channels

Easily build and scale automated campaigns across channels that engage your customers in a customized, IT-free way

Engage customers all over

WebBasta crafts to have high expectations about their interactions with your brand, no matter which channel they’re using. Build easily and scale automated campaigns across channels that occupy your customers in a personalized way, without support from IT..


Make your marketing ideas come to life in seconds

By the use of visual workflows create cross-channel campaigns that adapt to user behaviour in real-time. Use highly intuitive drag & drop interface to map user workflows to lifecycle campaigns. Create complex workflows as easily as you draw on a board.

Automate Customer journey
Real Time Customization
Connect the customer experience

Audience Analyze

Who are your users? Where are they? When do they drop off? Tools such as Flows, Cohort Analysis, Uninstall Tracking and Funnels help you better understand the users.


Automated Segmentation

Forget about manual segmentation. Our AI automatically creates user segments based on recency and frequency of use (RFM), user intent, and preferences so that you can reach the right users. Create micro-segments based on real-time user data using a powerful combination of profile details and behavioral attributes such as: profile information, acquired platform, accessibility, user action, Devices, location, etc.

Avoid Guesswork and Execute Faster With AI

Create Individualized Experiences with Intelligent Personalization. Avoid guesswork in your engagement strategy and connect with your customers on a more personalized level.


You can also personalize the communication flow sent to customers based on their actions.

WebBasta flows lets you connect together campaigns for every step of the journey across channels like email, SMS, and paid ads to find and set the most optimize path. Perform analysis on 100% of your data to target the exact set of users.

Other Key Reasons Why Brands opts for WebBasta Over Competition

Micro-moment Engagement

Trigger real-time messages when a user unveils an achievement or exits the app, for instance.

Deep Linking

Avoid friction by sending users where they left off rather than to a generic home page.

Frequency Capping

Avoid sending users with too many notifications. Override the cap if urgent.


Reach users across regions in their favoured language with the same campaign.

Multiple Goals

Create multiple goals at the same time and Track multiple sequential goals to view the full conversion funnel.

Rich Media

Create Web Push Notifications with attractive and creative visuals that get the attention of your users

Custom Opt-Ins

Customize your opt-ins with the correct message to get people to subscribe to your push notifications

Behavioral Triggers

Customize your campaigns for a particular user action on your website such as cart abandonment, user drop-offs, etc

Automated Push API

Push API that supports personalization, numerous different conversion goals, action buttons, and much more.

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